Amphibious Lifeguard Of 2046: Jeep Unlimited

future Amphibious vehicle, surfing, Jeep Unlimited 2046
One of the finalists of Michelin Design Challenge Geeho Cha impressed a jury with his Amphibious Hoff-Roader, the Jeep Unlimited. The car reaches top speed of 70 miles per hour through drawing back the wheels to save the marooned swimmers faster. Front and back lights of the vehicle can spin down to locate objects in the deep sea water. Though intended to be a lifeguard means of transportation the Jeep Unlimited supposedly also satisfies the personal mobility and shared communing needs of 2046.
future suv, surfing car, Jeep Unlimited 2046

future car, Jeep Unlimited 2046, surfing

future Amphibious, Jeep Unlimited 2046

future Jeep by Geeho Cha

future Amphibious vehicle, Jeep Unlimited 2046

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