Michael Anissimov – Transhumanism – Fear, Taboo & Utopia

Talking Points:
– What Frightens You about the Future?
– Class Divide in a Future of Abundance
– What does it Mean to be Human Today?
– How Will We Treat Artificial Life?
– History that Shaped Our View of Self
– Racial Taboos & Eugenics
– The Taboo of Religion
– Beyond the Human Baseline
– Hacking Our Humanity
– Utopias
– Mental Health in the Future
– Past Attempts at Utopia

Bio: Michael Anissimov (b. 1984) is a futurist and political thinker focused on emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, previously managed Singularity Summit and worked as media director for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, as well as co-founding Extreme Futurist Festival. The Singularity Summit has received coverage from Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, the San Francisco Chronicle, award-winning science writer Carl Zimmer, The Verge, and a front page article in TIME magazine. Mr. Anissimov emphasizes the need for research into artificial intelligence goal systems to develop “Friendly Artificial Intelligence” for human civilization to successfully navigate the intelligence explosion. He appears in print, on podcasts, in documentaries, public speaking at conferences, and other media to spread this message. He lives in Berkeley, California.
Source: Adam Ford

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