DARPA Scientists Are Heading Toward Creating Universal Soldiers

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The US military’s future technology division, also known as Pentagon’s “mad scientists division” has already made a number of important discoveries in the military field and it is now reported to be developing technologies that would create a universal soldier able to spend days without food or sleep and re-grow lost limbs. According to the report in the British newspaper Sunday Express, the Pentagon’s high-tech DARPA scientists are looking for a way to copy certain genes to make the human body use body fat more efficiently. Simon Conway, the novelist who was given a backstage glimpse of DARPA’s research, claims “it is all about improving efficiency of energy creation in the body. Soldiers would be able to run at Olympic speeds, carry large weights and go without sleep and without food.”
The other project focuses on creating a drug that can make soldiers go for hours without sleep and stay alert. It has already been tested by the US army on helicopter pilots and after 40 hours pilots had a good concentration level. Another funded area of research is directed at making soldiers regenerate lost limbs.

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