Ashkelon Visor – Low Cost Wearable Heads Up Display (HUD)

The World’s First Low Cost Wearable Heads Up Display (HUD)
For As Little As $20 – Coming Soon To Kickstarter!

A Heads Up Display (or HUD) is a transparent display located at the user’s eye level which allows the user to view a Layered Reality, in which visual digital input feeds directly into the user’s actual field of vision. This kind of display system is still in its infancy, but its development is proceeding in leaps and bounds. Many expect 2015 to be the year in which the great breakthrough in the adoption of HUD technology will occur.

Initially, HUDs were used in the helmets of jet pilots to stream critical information directly into the pilot’s visual field, like altitude, velocity and direction. Today most of us are so connected to our smart phones that we feel like we are getting infusions from them. In these circumstances it is only a matter of time before HUDs become commonplace. It will allow all of us to safely receive information through the internet or other electronic sources while simultaneously viewing our immediate physical environment. Imagine yourself reading e-mails while folding laundry, reviewing your Facebook page while jogging, or reading text messages while riding your bicycle! Sounds amazing! Sounds impossible! You are invited to discover the “Ashkelon Visor,” a unique product that can offer the Layered Reality Experience at a price that anyone can afford.

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Ashkelon Visor is a registered patent of the Ashkelon Eyewear company. The Visor is a smart product that acts as a vital accessory for creating a layered reality. It looks quite like a regular visor, the kind used to keep the sun off your face. However, this visor has a reinforced compartment above the eye level where you can insert your Smartphone. The visor also contains a precisely designed Focusing Relay that streams visual information from your Smartphone right into your field of vision. It has an innovative design, so it is comfortable to wear. A free application, developed by the company, adapts the Smartphone to display visual information in a form which allows the Eyewear Relay unit to stream it. The Visor is indeed a Next Generation product of the future. In today’s market, competing companies are seeking to create a layered reality for their users by inventing new kinds of high tech display systems. The most well known of these products is Google Glass. However, a large majority of these new technologies are still in development and have not yet been offered to the general public. The overwhelming advantage of the Ashkelon Visor lies in its price. Our price can be as little as one hundredth of the price demanded by our competitors. Google markets the Google Glass for about 1500 Dollars. In contrast, the price of the Visor can be as low as 20 dollars!
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Futuristic Gadget, Ashkelon Visor, Wearable Heads Up Display, HUD, Augmented reality, transparent display, futuristic glasses, Benny Goldstein, Ashkelon Eyewear

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