Worried About Global Warming? Artificial Clouds May Cool The Planet.

Futuristic, Green Future, Worried About Global Warming - Artificial Clouds May Cool The Planet
The US geoengineers plan to use sulfate aerosols to reflect sunlight as a method to decrease the temperature of the Earth. One of the US scientists on the project, David Keith, says it could be an inexpensive way to slow down global warming, while the other scientists claim the large levels of sulfates would destroy the ozone layer. Keith’s plan to next year release dozens or hundreds of kilograms of particles and to measure the impact on ozone has got a multimillion dollar investment from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Keith states the direct risk of this probe is very small. Last year an analogous UK test offered to pump water into the sky, but was cancelled because of patents load. Time will show if Keith’s plan is a success.
Via: inhabitat.com
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