TESCO: Virtual Grocery Shopping On The Go

Tesco virtual store Gatwick
Tesco has introduced a virtual, interactive store in the departure terminal of Gatwick Airport to enter from simple grocery into mobile retail. Shoppers can scroll through 80 products available on the ‘shelves’, and order anything they wish to have delivered to their door, let’s say at the time they return from the trip. For this, users have just to scan any product’s barcode with their smartphone and save it to the list. That’s what Tesco’s marketing manager Mandy Minichiello remarks: “We don’t think it’s a gimmick – it’s a taste of the future. In 2016, about 90% of all mobiles will be smartphones. We’re doing this as a trial to try to get some customer feedback. We’re keen to make customers lives as easy as possible [and] increasingly, they want to shop on the go.”
Via: psfk.com
tesco digital store

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