Tablet Phone Concept – Pretty Much Anything You Can Imagine

tablet phone, Mobikoma, Kamil Izrailov
Mobikoma (by Kamil Izrailov) that’s the name for the concept tablet phone gathered out of modules fastened to each other. Each module possesses a power supply and a processor. 54 elements fastened together will create the tablet computer, 2 – minute cell phone, and 18 – a good size smart-phone. Two stylishly distinguished elements are meant to hold SIM and a microphone. The others are to have to buttons or whatsoever, serving as a touchscreen of any desired form.

future phone, Mobikoma, Kamil Izrailov

future mobile phone, Mobikoma, Kamil Izrailov

tablet phone, Mobikoma, Kamil Izrailov

tablet phone, Mobikoma, Kamil Izrailov

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