Sustainable Coastal Scallion Skyscraper

Scallion Skyscraper, futuristic tower
This recreational and residential high rise has been crafted for tropical climatic conditions by Iranian product designer Pouyan Mokhtarani. The Scallion skyscraper is designed to minimize the air flow and with the wind turbines, RED solar shaded balcony with solar panels and a solar warm water heater to be as sustainable as it gets. The entire structure is highly luxurious with the pool lifted in two minutes to reveal a helipad on the roof.
future tower, futuristic Skyscraper, Pouyan Mokhtarani

Scallion Skyscraper, futuristic building

Scallion Skyscraper, futuristic architecture

Scallion Skyscraper, future tower

Scallion Skyscraper, futuristic tower

Scallion Skyscraper, futuristic tower, Pouyan Mokhtarani

Scallion Skyscraper, futuristic tower

Scallion Skyscraper, Pouyan Mokhtarani, futuristic tower

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