Space Conscious Urban Vehicle

Future Urban Vehicle, Rudolf Mihu
This Urban Vehicle is a project by Rudolf Mihu which tries to meet many criteria: be sustainable, lightweight, safe and universal for different physical ability needs, interactive, save space, be comfortable, use alternative energy source and be affordable. The presented project is a small electro-mobile, with a windshield that opens to let the driver in and out, which has adjustable board and seat, has a smart autopilot and even some luggage space. A customer can also run 100 km after every charge reaching 80 kilometers per hour, save the street space and reduce pollution. So far, it meets all the metropolitan area needs.

electric vehicle, Future Urban transportation, Rudolf Mihu

Future Urban transport, Rudolf Mihu

green car, Future Urban concept, Rudolf Mihu

futuristic Vehicle, Rudolf Mihu

Future Vehicle, Rudolf Mihu

Future Urban Vehicle, Rudolf Mihu

electric Vehicle, Rudolf Mihu

Future Urban Vehicle, Rudolf Mihu

Future Urban Vehicle, Rudolf Mihu

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