Sly Spy Gadget Rover 2.0 Tank

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Have you ever wanted to slink in secretly somewhere and capture photos or videos? Thanks to present advancement in technologies you can have much fun with a cool spy gadget, a Rover 2.0 tank from Brookstone. Like the previous model from Brookstone this smart device also features a night-vision function, though one of the novelties is the ability to capture videos and photos. You can easily control the tank from the integrated iOS or Android app, sending the videos straight back to your smartphone or tablet, thus you can use them immediately. Rover 2.0 is controlled with the help of sliders; you can either get the tank rolling or stop it. Unfortunately it’s battery runs down very fast and is not rechargeable. The official release of Rover 2.0 Tank is scheduled for October, it will retail at $150.

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