Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity – Lew Keilar

Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity” is a brilliant animation short by Lew Keilar and was a 2012 Happy Endings FilmFest finalist.
This is a whiteboard animation explaining, in three minutes, the Technological Singularity concept made famous by Ray Kurzweil and other futurists.
Illustrated, shot, edited and co-written by Lew Keilar.
Stephen Smith co-writer and collaborator. aka BirdInHandLane
Jeff Duff music.

Technological change is happening at an exponential rate, leading to a date in a future we can barely glimpse. Ray Kurzweil, innovator & inventor, adviser to US Presidents and CEOs is one of the visionaries articulating this extraordinary development in human evolution.

More info on Lew Keilar’s work at www.lewkeilar.com

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