Nokia Offers Waterproof Solution For Smartphones (+VIDEO)

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Nokia has recently declared about its plans to make mobile phones water resistant. And here are the first results of their work: inspired by the lotus leaf, they’ve replicated its properties using nanotechnology. Superhydrophobic surfaces repel water and grease, preventing corrosion and stain to the material lying under the layer. When applied to the outside of a mobile phone, superhydrophobic coating would give it water and stain-resistant qualities of a lotus leaf. The leading scientist of Nokia Research Centre, Chris Bowers, shows the water resistant qualities, coducting the experiment on a Nokia Lumia 710, coated with superhydrophobic material. And the experiment is a success: the liquid bounces off. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a coated phone will work underwater, but it can escape unharmed if dropped into water. Besides this surface is expected to be stain resistant, fingerprint resistant and possess anti-reflective qualities.

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