Medicine By E-mail: Combination Of 3D Printing, Biosynthesis And Molecular Construction

3D, 3D printing, biosynthesis, molecular construction, Craig Venter, synthetic life, synthesizing DNA, bioengineering
Craig Venter who created the world’s first synthetic life form back in 2010 is also well-known for his concepts of synthesizing DNA on Mars. Lately he has come up with the idea to combine advances in 3D printing with biosynthesis and molecular construction. It is considered that the line of research Venter is doing could lead to producing bacteria that have been engineered to perform specific reactions, for example, produce fuels or make medicines. Eventually, it might lead to printers that can manufacture vaccines and other drugs from scratch: the document is emailed, medicine is downloaded, printed out and here comes the remedy. Venter’s concept is based on the following: do without complex, expensive and centralized vaccine production and instead develop one single machine that can “print” drugs by carefully combining nucleotides, sugars and amino acids. However, it is necessary to think of the possible risks that the concept implies – Internet viruses, LOLcats and the like.

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