Dr. Theodore Berger — Piecemeal Repair And Replacement Of Brain Parts Is Coming

Professor Bererger (USC) is a bio medical engineer and a developer of neuro prosthesis technology.

First to replace the function of a hippocampus in a rat brain with a chip. Develops “neuron–silicon interface” technology using silicon-based, multisite electrode arrays and tissue culture methods for implantation of hardware models into the brain to replace damaged or dysfunctional nerve tissue.

“We are living longer and longer, and so more and more of neuro diseases of the brain, degenerative or accidental damage to the brain, are going to be seen and must be dealt with. And so having a strategy where we think about which brain parts can be replaced, in the context of which ones are damaged more often is just a wise thing to do.”

“There are several parts in the brain that I consider to be ready for this next-generation analysis, and this will allow us to create a mathematical model of how some of the functions work, and we’ll be able to reproduce those in mathematical models, and we’ll be able to reproduce those in microchip form.” says Dr. Berger.

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