Dr. Ken Hayworth: What is the Future of Your Mind? (Teaser)

“The most fundamental assumption on which this thesis depends is that the human mind and its conscious experiences are purely a computational phenomenon…

Although in principle there may be some deep flaw in this analogy between a human and a mechanical robot, it is an analogy that rests at the core of all of our research in cognitive science, neuroscience, and even biology itself.”

– Dr. Ken Hayworth, on his thesis that a biological mind could be transferred to a new substrate. Electron Imaging Technology for Whole Brain Neural Circuit Mapping, 2012:
Source: Galactic Public Archives
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Dr. Ken Hayworth: Will You Preserve Your Brain?
Dr. Ken Hayworth: Will You Upload Your Mind?
Dr. Ken Hayworth: If We Can Build A Brain, What Is The Future Of I?

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