Carry-all Mechanized Equipment Landrover (CaMEL)

The Carry-all Mechanized Equipment Landrover unmanned ground vehicle, known as CaMEL, is a flexible, mid-sized vehicle designed to accommodate multiple missions, including lightening the load; performing casualty evacuations; clearing antipersonnel mine routes; and assisting dismounted mortar platoons. It also can serve as a mobile communications platform, towed artillery ammunition carrier, network retransmission platform and robotic weapon system, and can be used in resupplying ammunition, food and water. CaMEL’s hybrid power solution — a diesel engine and a battery — powers six individual drive motors that provide more than 20 hours of continuous operations on 3.5 gallons of fuel and allow it to carry a load of 1,000 lbs of equipment at a maximum speed of 5 mph across any terrain.
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