Bizzarrini Veleno Electric Car. Carefully! Hot!

Bizzarrini Veleno, Futuristic Electric Car
This electric concept got its name to acknowledge a famous car engineer/designer Giotto Bizzarrini. It’s worth the name, looking aggressive and very much eye-catching.
Borys Dabrowski has thought not only of the exterior but also of the content. Thus, aided by futuristic technologies, this vehicle acquires some cool characteristics. It will run on electric motor and have a fuel cell system with nanotube tanks. Hydrogen for the mentioned system will be produced with the help of algae and organic waste.

Bizzarrini Veleno, Futuristic Car
The structural elements are to be crafted form central (aluminum and glass fiber layered structure) and graphene (one atom mesh like layer of graphite) to make Bizzarrini Veleno well-built and robust. Those will let the car be pretty light and move fast. The wheels are also a novelty, as the feature the composition of alloys and permit the car to move laterally.

Everything sounds delightful about Bizzarrini Veleno, now we’ll just have to wait till 2030 to see it happen.
Bizzarrini Veleno, Future vehicle

Bizzarrini Veleno, Borys Dabrowski

Bizzarrini Veleno, Futuristic SportsCar

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