Biometric Vending Machines

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Next Generation Vending, a Massachusetts-based vending machine company, and Food Service have decided to test innovative technologies to raise sales and make vending more interactive. They have already installed 60 biometric vending machines allowing users to pay with a thumbprint instead of a credit card. John S. Ioannou, the company president, claims this cool technology will make customers directly engaged. Next Generation is also testing a machine with a 46″ touch-screen display that acts like an iPhone display: the user can click on an item, flip the image and even see the information about the nutritional value on the back of the packaging. Besides the company is installing wireless or Ethernet connections on all of its vending machines to have real-time reporting on the amount of goods in the machine for quick restocking. Among the other innovations, which are being tested outside of the United States, are machines that identify and charge consumers for their purchases by means of retina scanning.

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