Attractive Aggressive: Lamborghini Concept By M. Hostler (+VIDEO)

Future Car, Lamborghini Ferruccio, Mark Hostler
Lamborghini Ferruccio is definitely the worthy concept for the ostentatious brand. Mark Hostler created an original violent-eyed transformer-looking car. The jewel-shaped design is striking in points and sharp in lines.

Future Lamborghini, Ferruccio, Hostler
The Ferruccio is also created as an environmentally friendly model which still meets all the performance ideals of Lamborghini fans. Its engine is a v12 with a small 5.0 litter unit using 2 turbochargers. With the help of computer-controlled pneumatic solenoids utilized for valves activation Ferruccio appears to be both powerful and economically and ecologically conscious.
Futuristic Car, Lamborghini Ferruccio

Future Vehicle, Lamborghini Ferruccio, Mark Hostler

Fantastic Car, Lamborghini Ferruccio, Mark Hostler

Unique Car, Lamborghini Ferruccio, Mark Hostler

Modern Car, Lamborghini Ferruccio, Mark Hostler

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